The Global Bee Breeders Association is determined to ensure that  honey bee genetic diversity be conserved around the world.  Potential members include those who wish to preserve certain stock such as programs dedicated to conserving European bees (Apis mellifera ligustica and Apis mellifera mellifera), as well as those interested in incorporating successful characteristics, such as Varroa tolerance, into their breeding programs.

Benefits of becoming a member include::

     Access to the latest industry news
     Access to technical information published by leading scientists
     Access to consultation for specific inquiries
      The best scientific and technico-legal advice available

This will be made through a number of venues, including discussion groups.  One has  been set up through a moderated discussion group at

Membership will enable members to build up close relationships with others in developing markets and sharing information and ideas.

Individuals and organizations can do little to change the present regulatory environment. But they can form a powerful lobby for influencing regulators and ensuring governments see the importance of bee breeding as a high priority in agricultural policy.  This will  ensure production of high quality honey bees around the world.