Minutes of the Board of Managers Meeting

November 5, 2009

Opera House, Monticello, Florida




Association representatives in attendance: Ridge Beekeepers Association (Bert Kelley), Tupelo (Bert Gwaltney), Tampa Bay Beekeepers Association (Gary Ranker),  Suncoast (Gary Ranker), North Escambia (Ernest Peach), Northeast Florida Honey Bee Association (Ray Claxton), Apalachee Beekeeper Association (John Futch), Orange Blossom Beekeepers Association (David Webb), Southwest Beekeepers (Keith Councell),  Alachua (Chappie McChesney, Escrosa (Doc Bullard).


A quorum was established  according  to the bylaws, which was President (Tommy Duggar), Vice President (David Webb), Executive Secretary (Malcolm Sanford) and three (3) members of the board of managers.


Meeting called to order by President Duggar  9:20 p.m.


Motion to retain services of Secretary Sanford  for the coming year at a stipend of $2,500 by Chappie McChesney, seconded by Brendhan  Horne.  Passed.


Discussion of proposed budget presented by Treasurer Bert Kelley:  Mostly revisiting  what was discussed at the general meeting including providing $2,000 for the mid year meeting hosted by the Palm Beach Association.  Also the Agriculture in Classroom item should be changed to a more relevant description (beekeeping education) and there should be more transparency concerning activities at the State Fair in Tampa. 


Motion by Chappie McChesney  to adopt the proposed budget as amended.  Seconded by Bert Gwaltney.  Passed, one nay vote.


Discussion of insurance.  Coverage consisted of $1,000,000 liability according to the Treasurer.  Brendhan Horne asked Bert to send him details of the policy so he could compare with what the Palm Beach Association is doing.


Committee appointed for the  mid-year meeting:  Brendhan Horne, Chappie McChesney, Elmore Herman, David Webb


Discussion of FSBA activity to support the ABF meeting in Orlando in January.  Committee established for this activity Tommy Duggar and Chappie McChesney.  A table will be donated by Charles Futch.


Motion by Ray Claxton that a program be set up whereby associations are allocated up to $300 in reimbursements for qualifying educational projects.  The current funding of $1300 would fund 4 projects. 


As the hour is late, the meeting was adjourned 10:01 p.m.