October 28, 2006

Santa Rosa County Auditorium, Milton, FL.

Elmore Herman, President, called the meeting to order at 11:25 a.m.

Association Representatives in attendance:  Roll call to obtain quorum; 4 associations represented for voting purposes:  Doc Bullard (Escarosa Assn), Nancy Gentry (Northeast Florida Honey Bee Assn), Bert Kelley (Ridge Assn.), Gary Ranker (Tampa Assn), Wayne Miller (North Escambia), David Webb, Elmore Herman, Malcolm T. Sanford.  Quorum declared; only 3 need be present plus officers according to bylaws.  Others potentially in attendance as per the general meeting:

David Webb
Bert Kelley
Bill Bonifay
Edward K. Peach
Wayne Miller
Jerry Turner
Gary Ranker
Richard Semmes
Laurence Cutts
Doc Bullard
Chester Capers
Carol Parker
Nancy Gentry
Jean Vasicek
Keith Councell
Don Anderson
Steve Gemesi
Carl  Clark
J.J. Tilton
Bill Merritt
Sylvia Bullard
Sergei Svetleachni
Elmore Herman
David Miksa
Linda Miksa
Andy Miksa
David Mendes
Charles King

With the same officers in place as last year, most of the discussion involved specific budgetary considerations as proposed by Treasurer Bert Kelley:

Motion by Wayne Miller, seconded  (Doc Bullard)  to update proposed budget, increasing research budget from $4,000 to $5,000. Passed.

A letter of request from the Division of Plant Industry to support research of Amanda Ellis for $5,000 was tabled for further information (a similar letter for $7,000 was  also received).  Motioned by Gary Ranker, seconded (Doc Bullard).  Passed.

Item for June 9, 2007 meeting of $1,000 inserted.  Motioned by Doc Bullard, seconded (Wayne Miller).  Passed.

Changed line item 6 from President’s Expenses to Office Expense and bring it to $1,600.  Motioned by Wayne Miller, seconded (Nancy Gentry).  Passed.

Increase Executive Secretary’s contract to $2,500 per year (no change in line three—still remains $3,000).  Motioned by Wayne Miller, seconded (Doc Bullard).  Passed.

Motion that Exective Secretary retain any Google adsense funds generated off the web site by Wayne Miller, seconded (Doc Bullard).  Passed.

Motion that budget be passed as amended by Wayne Miller, seconded (Nancy Gentry).  Passed.

Motion to adjourn by Wayne Miller, seconded (Doc Bullard).  Passed. 

Meeting adjourned 1:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Malcolm T. Sanford
Executive Secretary