Holiday Inn, Winter Haven, FL, November 3, 2007

Laurence Cutts, President, called the meeting to order at 11:30 a.m.. Eastern Time.  Those present included:

Nancy Gentry, Northeast Florida Honey Bee Association Representative

Elmore Herman, President

Gary Ranker, Tampa Bay Association Representative

Bert Kelley, Ridge Association Representative (Treasurer)

Malcolm T. Sanford, Executive Secretary

David Webb, Vice-President

Edward K. Peach, North Escambia County

Capt Tony Hogg, Apalachee County

David Hackenberg

Bill Merritt

Doug McGinnis
Bob Harvey
Alden Struthers
Tommy Duggar
Jerry Latner
George Paulovicks
Jane Paulovicks
Jean Vasicek

David Mendes

Association Representatives in attendance:  Roll call to obtain quorum; 3 associations represented for voting purposes:  Nancy Gentry (Northeast Florida Honey Bee Assn), Bert Kelley (Ridge Assn.), Gary Ranker (Tampa Assn).  Official quorum is three representatives plus the President, V.P. and Executive Secretary according to bylaws. 

Discussion of Farm to Fuel program for the State Fair and Farm to Fuel Program (oil seed crops, biodiesel) http://www.floridafarmtofuel.com/ .  He will look into this as part of next year’s fair activities.

Due to other exigencies, no firm budget was presented.  Discussion, however, as in the general meeting that it will not vary much.  Nevertheless, Bert will be using about $11,000 for the State Fair, the printing budget will be increased to $3,500.  A full budget will be presented to the membership in the next issue of The Florida  Beekeeper.

Discussion of membership development.  Elmore Herman appointed Special Assistant to the President in this capacity.  He will be legislative and membership liaison, particularly interacting with local associations concerning their activities and how they might relate to those if the Florida State Beekeepers Association.  He is to be provided a budget of $3,000 for these activities.

Discussion about the next summer meeting.  No specific invitation received.  Again, Elmore Herman to assist in this effort.

Meeting adjourned 12:10 p.m.  

Respectfully submitted,


Malcolm T. Sanford
Executive Secretary