Minutes of the Board of Managers Meeting

October 30, 2008

Florida Farm Bureau Federation, Gainesville, Florida




Associations in attendance: Ridge Beekeepers Association, Tupelo, Tampa Bay Beekeepers Association, North Escambia, Northeast Florida Honey Bee Association, Apalachee Beekeeper Association, Orange Blossom Beekeepers Association, South Florida, Southwest Beekeepers


Keith Councell

Bert and Vernon Gwaltney

Bert Kelley

Beth Fox

Bill Kern

Bill Merritt

Bob Jackson

Bob Livingston

Bradley Stewart

Carl and Virginia Webb

Dave Hackenberg

David Barnes

David Lewis

David Mendes

David Webb

David Westervelt

Donald and Paula Smiley

Donald Harcus

Doug Corbin

Ed Bowman

Elmore Herman

John Gentzel

Gary Ranker

Roger Twitchell


The BOM was called to Order by President Reno Plenge at 9:50 October 30, 2008.


Nancy Gentry, Representative of NEFHBA announced she will no longer be the NEFHBA representative as of December 13, 2008.  It is possible a new organization may be formed in Putman County and she may represent that organization.  Elmore asked and Reno concurred, that she stay on as publicity coordinator and work with the Legislature. 


Roger  Twitchell, Vice President, asked for clarification of their meaning of  “working with the legislature”  and pointed out that , if  Nancy were to be in contact with legislators on Association matters, it would require she be registered as a lobbyist with that body.  Elmore stated that he meant for her to work with the association on Legislative Awareness Day during the session.   Nancy also asked what was expected as she had plans with her family, and she would not be able to give as much time to the association as she had in the past.  The members discussed the need for each of the local associations to provide someone to assist Nancy with the Association PR efforts.  No motion was offered to establish a committee.


David Webb moved that Malcolm Sanford continue in his roles as Executive Secretary.  The motion was seconded by Roger Twitchell.  Passed


Elmore mentioned that a new organization was being formed in South Florida and John Gentzel was here to represent them.  Another association was under consideration in Blountstown , another in Manatee County that would cover four counties and he has received a request to get one started in Gainesville.


There was a brief discussion of the need to increase the educational activities of the association and the Apalachee Beekeepers Association was recognized for their extensive educational efforts in Leon and Jefferson counties.   Several people spoke about their  local efforts to provide educational materials to school children such as the Buzzabout Bees CDs already available.  Reno appointed Roger Twitchell to Chair a Education Committee to develop recommendations.  Roger will solicit participation from the local associations.


Gary Ranker mentioned that he was surprised on the outcome earlier in the General Meeting related to the Life Membership.  Elmore Herman requested the $250 given by Roger Twitchell and Ellyn Hutson for their joint Life Membership be given to him and he would use it to produce two hived for the state apiary he manages.  Dave Webb moved that Elmore’s request be granted and it was seconded by Ernest Peach.  Motion passed.


Reno appointed Bert Gwaltney, Peaches and  David Webb to the Audit committee to review the annual treasury report and books. Bert Kelly reviewed the budget for the coming year and the following items were discussed by the members:


Convention was increased from $5,000 to $6,000


Honey Queen Program/Promotion  $5,000 is a major increase from the $1,500 budgeted but not spent last year.  Bert believed this is something we should get behind despite problems with past Honey Queens.    The importance was acknowledged but there is uncertainty of interest from the local organizations.  The budget was approved.


Melitto Files $500

There was a brief discussion of the need to prepare the inserts for the Florida Melitto Files and Nancy announced that she would no longer do the inserts since there is too little time to prepare them and they expected camera-ready copy and she did not know how to do that.  Roger Twitchell volunteered to pick up this responsibility for the association.


Agriculture in the Classroom was increased from $500 to $1,400 with the agreement that local association could request up to $300 for educational materials


Research was increased from $5,000 to $8,000 because none was spent this last year.  A requested from UF was expected any day.


Several budget items from last years budget were eliminated:


Executive Directors expenses  ($3,000)

Memberships Secretary’s expenses ($500)

Agricultural Hall of Fame ($100)

Brochure ($500)

FL Fruit and Veg Growers Assoc. Dues ($250)


Final Budget Proposed:


State Fair                                                                                 $11,000

Convention                                                                                   6,000

Executive Secretary/Newsletter                                         3,200

Association Officers Expense                                                        1,600

Honey Queen Promotion                                                              5,000

Ag. In The Classroom                                                                   1,400

Florida Agricultural Promotion Campaign                                         100

Incorporation                                                                                     65

Mellitto Files                                                                                     500

Florida Farm Bureau                                                                           60

American Honey Producers Association                                             300

Research                                                                                        8,000

Advertising Master                                                                            300

Reserve                                                                                                38


Total:                                                                                        $    44,163


Coop Donations returned                                                                   2.400


Total Budget  $44,163.  Moved to approve by Nancy Gentry, seconded by David Webb.  Passed


There was also a discussion on the CO-OP start up funds.  It was decided to send a letter to those commercial members who had provided the donations to establish the funds offering to return the funds if they wished or have them donate the funds for other areas of the budget.  David Webb made the motion and was seconded by Roger Twitchell.  Passed


The BOM meeting was adjourned at 10:20 PM.