February 1, 2003

Gainesville , FL.


The meeting was called to order by President Elmore Herman at 10:00 A. M., with the following present:  Bert Kelley, Vernon and Bert Gwaltney, Micki and John Westervelt, Earl Russell, Dr. Glen Hall, University of Florida , Entomology Research and Carolee Howe, Florida Farm Bureau Representative.

 President Herman advised the Board that Laurence Cutts, newly elected president of the Florida State Beekeepers Association, would not be able to assume that position. Mr. Cutts will not be retiring in February from the Apiary Inspection Division of Plant Industry as previously planned. A motion was made by Bert Kelley, seconded by John Westervelt to amend the constitution and by-laws one time and allow the present officers to remain for this additional year. Motion carried unanimously.

 The Board was notified that the new state budget presented by Governor Jeb Bush would eliminate the Apiary Inspection Division.  Governor Bush wants to eliminate the $797,000.00 budgeted amount stating the Apiary Inspection Division should be financed by the beekeeping industry itself.  A lengthy discussion was held concerning the ramifications this would invoke on the beekeeping industry. It was the consensus of the Board of Managers that an emergency Honey Board Technical Council meeting be called as soon as possible.  Further information will be forthcoming as to the means in which the “beekeepers” can convey their displeasure to the elected officials in their areas.

 President Herman advised that he had not received the proposal from Dr. Tom Sanford regarding his acceptance of the positions of Executive Secretary and Webmaster for the FSBA site.  The Board of Managers agreed to accept the nomination of Dr. Sanford as Executive Secretary/Webmaster if the proposal is within the budgetary limits.

 The annual meeting was discussed.  The tentative dates being October 30, 31 and November 1, 2003 .  Tampa and Sarasota areas were discussed as possible annual meeting sites.  President Elmore will investigate and report back at the next Board Meeting.

 On a motion made by John Westervelt, seconded by Bert Kelley it was agreed that a $4,000.00 payment be made to Laurence Cutts to start reimbursing Mr. Cutts for the funds he advanced for research last year.

 It was also decided that President Herman sends out another letter notifying association members the need for research funds and dues payments for the Association.

 Anyone wanting to assist at the State Fair should contact Bert Kelley or Elmore Herman.  Assistance is greatly needed as the beekeeping industry also has the center display area.

 Mr. Gary Ranker who volunteered to solicit advertising for the newsletters and annual meeting brochure has asked for an amount to be budgeted for his expenses; telephone calls, postage, etc. A motion was made by Bert Kelley, seconded by John Westervelt to add a $100.00 budget item for advertising solicitor’s expenses.

 There being no further topics for discussion at this time the meeting adjourned at 12:05 P.M.

 Carol Roman Russell

Acting Executive Secretary