November 1, 2003

Gainesville , FL.


Meeting convened at 10:30 a.m. by Elmore Herman.




Malcolm Sanford

Jerry and Joann Latner

Laurence Cutts

Carolee Howe

Bert Kelley

Earl Russell

Doc Bullard

Elmore Herman

Gary Ranker


Associations represented Escarosa (Doc Bullard), Tampa and Ridge (Gary Ranker), Central (Bert Kelley) and south Florida (Earl Russell).


Minutes read by the M. Sanford at General Meeting.  Not read here.  See the web site for minutes of past sessions <http://floridabeekeepers.org>.


Discussion of membership.  Bert Kelley suggested that we need to be sure and solicit members for the coming year; stated in the bylaws to send a written notice if dues not received by December 1.  E. Russelle and B. Kelley stated there had been considerable effort expended in cleaning up the membership mailing list.  L. Cutts said it was possible for the registered beekeepers list at the Division of Plant Industry to be used to solicit memberships.  M. Sanford now has 550 people on his current mailing list.  The best resource would be some kind of membership brochure, which is sorely lacking.


Motion by Bert Kelly, seconded by Earl Russell for the Executive Secretary to develop a membership brochure.  Passed.


Continuing discussion on the $10,000 advance by Laurence Cutts for research owed him by the Association.  Motion by Earl Russell, seconded by Bert Kelley to repay another $2K to $4K dollars of the $6K currently owed, if money can be found in the budget.


More discussion of Conrad Cramer Memorial Apiary.  Who is in charge?  According to the bylaws, the vice president is in charge.  L. Cutts appointed a committee with Elmore, Bill Merritt and vice president Josh Gentry to hammer out some policy here.  Elmore Herman said he would take the reigns, given that the Vice president was not present.  Doc Bullard offered to have an FSBA brand made for identification purposes and will pursue this.


The Executive Secretary is directed to write a letter of thanks to this years’ list of speakers.


Budget presented by Bert Kelley:


Forida State Beekeepers Association Proposed Budget, 2003-4


State Fair                      $5,000.00

Convention                      $4,500.00

Executive Secretary             $2,300.00

Executive Secretary's Expenses    $250.00

Newsletter Convention Program   $2,000.00

President's Expenses            $1,500.00

Treasurer's Expenses              $100.00

Membership Secretary's Expenses   $750.00

Promotion (Queen Program)       $1,500.00

Agriculture Hall of Fame          $100.00

Agriculture in the Classroom      $500.00

Fla Ag Promotional Campaign       $100.00

Incorporation                      $65.00

Web Site                        $1,020.00

Florida Farm Bureau                $50.00

American Honey Producers          $250.00

American Beekeeping Federation    $250.00

Research                        $2,000.00

Reserve                         $2,079.00


Total                           $24,314.00


The advertising budget for Gary Ranker’s use was increased to $200. 


Motion to accept budget by Earl Russell, seconded M. Sanford. Passed.


Venue of next convention; invitation from Escarosa Association pending.


Next Board of Managers meeting; January 16, 2004 in conjunction with the American Beekeeping Federation meeting in Jacksonville.


Meeting adjourned 12:10 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



M.T. Sanford

Executive Secretary