August 2, 2003

Tampa, FL.

Meeting called to order at 10:15 am by Elmore Herman




Laurence Cutts

 Bert Kelley

Gary Ranker

Earl Russel

Carolee Howe

Julie Nicholson

Elmore Herman

Bob Tadyesksi


Bert Kelley.  Treasure’s report Bert Kelly $7309.18. 

Motion to approve treasurer’s report by Gary Ranker.  Accepted as delivered.


Gift from Brevard County Farm Bureau (111 Virginia Ave., Cocoa Beach, FL 32922; Doug Platt, President) of $100 for Conrad Cramer, who was a member of the Farm Bureau and on its Board of Directors.  Conrad also participated in discussions as a member of the Florida Farm Bureau’s Honey Advisory Committee.  There was d iscussion of what to do with this money.  Put it into research?  The President will study the situation further.  The gift will be acknowledged by letter to Everln Cramer 618 S. Ridgewood Drive, Cocoa, FL 32926.


Julie Nicholson; Tampa Beekeepers Association reported on endeavors to reinstate the Florida Honey Queen program.  She talked to Linda Hackenberg in Pa for advice and will bring this up during Tampa Picnic. There is the possibility of a pilot program sponsored by Tampa, which would then go national.  In most programs, the queen does not have to be from a beekeeping family; the monetary investment is not high, but the time commitment is huge.  This is especially important for the chaperone.  Who will do it?  The parents are generally the best option; this can be overseen by a contact person, coordinator, etc.  Last Florida queen was a single contestant; won by default.  Tampa Bay, Tupelo and Central Florida have all indicated an interest in this endeavor.


Conrad Memorial State Apiary report by President Herman reveals those currently running Conrad Cramer’s bees (two step sons, Jerry Turner and Jody Turner, ages..30-35), running just under 2000 of their own colonies.  Reporting system was discussed with these men; President Herman says they seem to be good beekeepers.  Neither is a member of the association, but will join soon.  They are currently running 60 colonies.


The other part of the apiary was originally run by Sidney Hawks who was set up by President Herman; unfortunately he is unable to continue.  President Herman to take possession of 18 hives which belong to the association.  Mr. Hawks has ten (10) other.  President Herman to contact Mr. Hawks to see if he will donate/sell these to the state apiary.  Extensive discussion on how to manage these bees.  Splits go to the beekeeper; number continuous. President Herman and Bert Kelley to come up with a reporting form.  Don’t need a committee; the vice president is in charge of the apiary.


ABF meets in January.  The Association wrote a letter asking for a mailing list from Florida.  We do not sell or give away our mailing list according to the president.  Meeting to beh held In Jacksonville, FL , January 14-18, 2003.  As the ABF meeting in Florida, special attention to this meeting..


Discussion of Hall of Fame membership.  What it entails.  Discussion of what kind of acknowledgement we get.   Carolee Howe to call Reggie Brown concerning details.  Discussion tabled until next meeting.  Discussion also of Florida Museum of Agriculture near St. Augustine.  President Herman has a request from the Florida Ag Hall of Fame to Join. 


Fish Fry discussion for State Convention in October:  Tampa Bay agrees to host. Julie reports a proposal to do Tampa Cuisine instead of fish fry (Cuban—Ibor City Cuisine.  There will be a tent set at Bill Roberts place; Julie requested an estimate of possible numbers. Should be ample parking.   Banquet $24.00 (actual cost) need to update cost to make some profit; price to be set at $30.  Room rate is $64.95 double or single.  Participants asked to make own arrangements with Holiday Inn in Tampa, 800-206-2747.


Discussion of sponsoring tables, breaks…Friday morning, Friday Afternoon; Saturday morning.  Need a response soon.   President Herman getting some response for door prizes and goody bags. 


President Herman contacted to send in a letter of recommendation for David Westervelt for Laurence Cutts’ job.. State association is not taking a stand for candidates; he suggests individuals should recommend who they like.


Program for State Convention discussed:


Who will do the CEU’s --- pesticide office in Tallhassee…Dale Duberly to be contacted by Laurence Cutts. – is room available?  Yes.  Bill Roberts will contact the Florida Extension Office for pesticide training.


Possible programming for State Association:


Keith Delaplane; Jennifer Berry—cost –try to minimze.

Pat Heitkam—ABF; wants on the program…will pay his own way.

SHB stuff in; Tumlinson research;

Agrilogic crop insurance program—

Honey House Inspection—Division of Food Safety—betsy woodward—Dr. Durstein (Carolee to contact?)

Gus Raush—20 queen  certificates..wants on the program; Kona queen

Glenn Hall; his research 

New Apiary Inspector? 

Past bee inspection efforts: Frank Robinson?—historical perspective

Nancy Argenziano, Chair Senate AG Committee…Carolee to contact Friday 31 August..keynote

Queen program?  Contact Linda Hackenberg; revitalizing the queen program

Richard Dunaway—Vision of the new apiary inspection program…Richard Clark (vision of the program?)

Laurence Cutts retirement at the banquet?  Julia to contact county extension director via Bill Roberts…thus, two kinds of certifications; CEUS pesticide certification, dpi and cooperative extension service.


Beekeeper of the year

Pioneer Beekeeper of the year;  President Herman to contact Charlotte Randall


Registration fee to be set at  $30—$45 nonmembers, included banquet

Last years banquet $20


Registration Fee $30-$45…banquet $30 (children under 12== $12)


Bert Kelley suggests spouses tours; busch Gardens—Halloween setup; after convention deep sea fishing trip?


Map of general area in newsletter—stay over, come early…trip planning…


Laurence’s retirement party—28 August; will take place at DPI auditorium; coordinated by Cathy DeWeese.


Bert Kelley (report on insurance)..$300 liability insurance; medical expenses…accidents…Does state assn want to take on a policy.  Earl Russell motions that seconded by Gary Ranker—not to purchase liability insurance.  Passed unanimously.


Life membership issues; better list of life members…who is a member?  Name plates for all?  Issue tabled for time being.


Laurence Cutts reports on Section 18 on Apilife Var in next few weeks; wafer with essential oil…how to break a wafer up?  Where to place it?  Section 18 on Apiguard (0 withdrawal period)—Apilife Var 180 reduced to 60 days; adjustments on temperature requirements.  Look to the label.


Honey Bee Technical Council meeting scheduled for August 12, 2003, 10:00 a.m.  DPI in Gainesville.


Motion to Adjourn, Bert Kelley, Earl Russell seconded; meeting adjourned 12:55 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,



Malcolm T. Sanford

Executive Secretary