November 1, 2003, Holiday Inn, Tampa, FLORIDA

Elmore Herman, President, called the Annual business meeting to order at 9:10AM.

In attendance:

Elmore Herman
Malcolm Sanford
Bert Kelley
Earl Russell
Jerry and Joann Latner
Carolee Howe
Dave Hackenberg
Doc Bullard
Bill Merritt
Gary Ranker
Juan Garcia
Sonny Swords
Oscar Brookins
Noel Blanchet
Laurence Cutts
David Webb
John Thornton
John Westervelt
David Westervelt
Mickie Westervelt

President Herman began by saying the pioneer award had not been given.John Westervelt moved the Pioneer award be given to Doc Bullard for his considerable service and pioneering activites.Seconded by Dave Hackenberg.Passed unanimously.

M. Sanford reported activities of the executive secretary since taking over the office from Carol Russell.He has produced two newsletters, attended two board of managers meetings and produced the program and printed convention program for the state convention. He also visited both Doc Bullard and Bill Overman concerning improving communications via the web site <http://floridabeekeepers.org> and electronic discussion lists.

Treasurerís report given by Bert Kelley.Currently $6015.81 balance.Books were reported audited by the auditing committee and found in order (Bill Merritt and Bill Shearman).Question by Earl Russell concerning increasing expenses of Association on promotion.Bert said money was spent not only on the fair, but also for the Ag Expo in Moultrie, GA.Move to accept the report as read by Earl Russell, Bill Merritt seconded.Passed unanimously.

President Herman reported on his numerous activities during the year:

Several trips to Tallahasse (legislative day Ėhoney given to representatives); also part of Florida Farm Bureau activities in the Capitol.
State Fair -Said there was lot of help and good turn out.
Two weeks of presentations in Polk County Ag in the Classroom
Six weeks involved at Walt Disney World with observation hive -4600 persons per day.
Epcot Center booth along with National Honey Board and David Westervelt (DPI); 1500 honey sticks distributed.

David Webb gave the apiary report in the absence of Jerry Turner.He and Marie Cramer were registered, but did not show up due to family emergency.Mr. Webb said a total of $1700 would be coming from the colonies now managed by Mr. Turner (60 hives).President Herman reported that the 16 hives he manages made $224 on orange, $237 on palmetto with the pepper yet to reported.Total hives in the Conrad Cramer Memorial Apiary now stand at 76.

Bill Merritt brought up the subject of life members, offering to donate more hives as a life member.Discussion revealed that to change the life member situation, a change to the bylaws was in order.Bill Merritt offered to donate five pallats of bees (20 hives) to the Conrad Apiary.Several others followed suit: Doc Bullard (10 hives), Juan Garcia (6), Dave Hackenberg (12), Earl Russell (50 supers), Noel Blanchet (4 hives).Lee del Signore offered to donate equipment andto run a south Florida apiary employing this equipment and other material that might be donated.Donations are being accepted and managed by President Herman, who volunteered to oversee the management of all hives in the apiary.He will be in discussion with the next president on this important issue.

Earl Russell moved that the Association review the life membership category.Seconded by Bert Kelley, passed unanimously.

Gary Ranker and Doc Bullard discussed progress on and need for a traveling display that would tell the association and honey bee story in a succinct manner to the general public.

State Fair report:Fair booth more costly this year; also more attended.There is a possibility that an award will be given by the State Fair to the display by the Association.Laurence Cutts said that the Division of Plant Industry will not be part of state fair activities this year with reference to beekeeping as in the past.Bert Kelley has offered to be chair of the fair committee this year.Laurence Cutts volunteered to be there full time.

Nominating Committee Report:Gary Ranker said the committee nominated Laurence Cutts (President), Josh Gentry (Vice President) and Bert Kelley (Treasurer).Motion to elect officers by acclamation Doc Bullard, seconded by Dave Hackenberg.Passed.

Laurence Cutts as president elect recognized the considerable accomplishments of Elmore Herman the outgoing president.He said few people really knew the extent of Elmoresís activities and what they meant to the success of the associationís programs.

Elmore said that an important issue, which he would like the Association to work on, is changing the food safety regulations with respect to fees and licensing of smaller operators.

M. Sanford and G. Ranker both announced to those attending that the break (sweet rolls and coffee) was sponsored by Tropical Blossom Honey Company.Tropical Blossom had been given short shrift during the convention; M. Sanford apologized for leaving the name out of the recognition list in the convention bulletin for supporting the meeting.He will also write a letter of thanks to Doug McGinnis on the situation.

Motion by Earl Russell, seconded by David Westervelt to adjourn.Passed.Meeting adjourned 10:15 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Malcolm T. Sanford

Executive Secretary