Elmore Herman, President, at 8:20 AM , called the Annual Business Meeting of the Florida State Beekeepers Association to order.  The attendance was very low.   John Westervelt gave the invocation.  The pledge of allegiance was recited.  There were representatives from Central Florida Beekeepers, Ridge Beekeepers, Tampa Bay Beekeepers, Escaroasa Beekeepers and South Florida Beekeepers.

   On a motion by John Westervelt, seconded by Ernest Peaches the secretary’s minutes from the last annual meeting were accepted as published in the convention brochure of this year.  The executive secretary notified the membership that she will no longer be available for the position of executive secretary due to the time necessary for her private career obligations.

   Present Herman advised that the Florida State Beekeepers Association is in need of “active” members.  The local organizations are becoming more and more inactive.  Projects must be organized to bring the local organizations together.

   Mr. Bill Merritt advised that there are approximately 24 active hives, in reasonable shape in the Tupelo area that belong to the FSBA.  On a motion by Earl Russell, seconded by Micki Westervelt, Mr. Sidney Hawks, a new FSBA member, will locate, move to a location closer to him, and take care of these hives.  He will receive the same monetary arrangement as provided for in the constitution of the FSBA.  Motion carried.

   A lengthy discussion was held on the subject of the suspension of any new Life Member status.

   Doris Geis and Bert Gwaltney audited the treasurer’s accounts.  Ms. Geis reported that everything was in order.  The bank balance as of September 30, 2002 was $8,472.38.

   Mr. Conrad Kramer gave the Apiary report, stating that $4,201.86 had been given to the treasurer as the FSBA’s share of the honey sales from the organizations apiary .

   The FSBA website was disucussed.  Carol Russell mentioned that officers/members need to give information to the webmaster for posting.  The officers/members are also responsible for updating information that has all ready been posted. Webmaster Overman is not responsible for the material content that is on the site.  On a motion by Earl Russell, seconded by John Westervelt, Mr. Thomas Sanford will investigate website options and report back to the next Board of Managers Meeting.

   President Elmore advised that we will need “total” organization participation in the State Fair this year as the center display portion of the Agriculture Building will be for advertising “BEEKEEPING IN FLORIDA ”.  We therefore want this display to be outstanding and very well manned with knowledgeable beekeepers to be able to answer questions presented by those viewing the display.  The state fair will run from February 6th thru 17th, 2003 in Tampa .  Please feel free to contact Bert Kelly to volunteer your time.

   Nominating committee chairman, Earl Russell gave his report.  His committee’s recommendation is that Mr. Laurence Cutts be nominated as the next president of the FSBA, but since he will not be retiring from his state position until February 18, 2002 , Mr. Elmore will remain president until that date.  After February 18, 2002 Mr. Cutts will become president, with Mr. Elmore vice president and Mr. Bert Kelly, Secretary/Treasurer.  Motion by David  Hackenberg, seconded by David Westervelt that the nominations be closed and the slate of officers be elected by acclamation.  Motion carried.

   A motion was made by Earl Russell, seconded by David Westervelt that the Annual Business Meeting of the Florida State Beekeepers be adjourned.  Motion carried.

   Respectfully submitted,

   Carol Roman Russell

   Executive Secretary