November 3, 2007

Holiday Inn, Winter Haven, FLORIDA

Elmore Herman, President, called the Annual business meeting to order at 8:42 AM.

Associations in attendance:  Escarosa, Tupelo, Tampa Bay, Ridge, North Escambia, Northeast Florida Honey Bee Assn, South Florida.  Not present, Tri-County, Palm Beach.  Central Florida and South Florida Associations have been eliminated.  New Associations: Apalachee and Central Florida (Orange?).

David Webb
Bert Kelley
Edward K. Peach
Gary Ranker
Laurence Cutts
Bill Merritt
Elmore Herman
David Miksa
David Mendes
Ben Klug
Jean Vasicek
Tony Hogg
Oscar Brookings
Eric Mills
Doug McGinnis
Bob Harvey
Alden Struthers
Tommy Duggar
Jerry Latner
George Paulovicks
Jane Paulovicks
David Hackenberg
Bill Rhodes
Wade Fisher

President’s Report:  Elmore Herman reported on a very active year attending Honey Bee Technical Council Meetings (2) as well as Plant Industry Council Meeting (next one in Miami).  Also member of the National Honey Board Nominating Committee (no meetings).  Involved in the development of two new associations, the Apalachee (Tallahassee) and Central Florida (Orange County).  In the works is a possible new association in Citrus County.  The summer meeting in Clay County (June 9, 2007) was a success and there are expected to be others based on that model.  Two board of managers meetings were held by conference call.

Reading of the minutes of the last meeting in Milton, FL as printed in the program and on the World Wide Web at http://floridabeekeepers.org.   Motion to accept as published in the program by David Hackenberg, (Seconded by Bill Merritt).  Passed.

Vice President’s Report:  David Webb reported on his continued meetings with the forum on the future of agriculture, sponsored by the Farm Bureau and other agencies.  He indicated a beekeeper presence was important.  He also reported on the Farm Bureau’s legislative day and the fact that more money had been appropriated by the legislature for bee research, and this likely will be a continuing effort.


Apiary Report:  The reports from those managing the Conrad Memorial Apiary were mixed.  Lee  Del Signore reported a 70 pound average for the 48 colonies he manages, but did not report specific income gained by the Association.  Bill Merritt reported three colonies lost, reducing the number he manages to 52.  He reported a “break even” status with no revenue provided the Association.  Elmore Herman managing 16 hives reported 8 drums of honey (2 of those tupelo), but again no specific revenue provided to the Association.  Discussion that revenue from the apiaries is decreasing due to general problems all beekeepers are facing.  Jerry Latner committed to providing the Conrad Memorial Apiary with 250 assembled frames this year and the same next to assist those managers in renovating their combs.


Treasurer’s Report:  Bert Kelley reported highlights of a treasurer’s report.  Currently a balance of $16,915.36 is in the checkbook.  There were incomes from state fair activities, last year’s convention (inexpensive as held in a county facility), apiaries, and summer meeting).  He reported dues income of $3,235 and also income from sales of program/newsletter ad and breaks.  He had no budget to report at the present time, but it is not expected to change much.  Executive Secretary Sanford asked for an increase to $3,500 for the printing budget (4 newlsetters and convention program).  Other expenses included mailing for the summer meeting, the insert for the Melitto files for the Convention ($333) and membership renewal letter ($112).  A budget will be printed in the next issue of The Florida Beekeeper.  Motion to accept Treasurer’s report subject to audit by E.K. Peach modified  to accept when determined auditing  had  already taken place.  Seconded y Bill Merritt.  Passed.


Executive Secretary/Webmaster  Report:


Newsletters:  4 (four) issues January, April, August, October (Convention Issue) published.  Currently 395 total mailed; first class $.63 ,  Costs increasing approaching:  $790/issue average.  Secretary asking for $3500 increase in budget for printing/mailing.


Membership:               Active 2004                 40

                                                Active 2005                 40

                                                Active 2006                 65

                                                Active 2007                 137

                                                Active 2008                 18

                                                Active 2009                 1

                                                Advertisers                   37 (last year 25)

                                                Inspectors                    16

                                                Extra Milers                  7

                                                Complimentary 13

                                                Life Members               85


No copies of flyer were published last year; see updated verson on the web site .http://floridabeekeepers.org under “Member.”  The Yahoo.com FSBA list has 109 (78 last year) subscribers; use of e-mail for association business is continuing to increase.  Executive Secretary remaining in touch with local Associations and has arranged for the Association’s conference call board of managers meetings via http://freeconferencecall.com/.


Discussion of newsletter delivery.  Executive Secretary to look into electronic delivery, perhaps through the web site.  Also alternative ways for ads to be sold will be explored for the next ad campaign.


Nancy Gentry was appointed as publicity coordinator.  She has spearheaded a number of FSBA – related projects, including developing a new logo, coordinating the summer meeting (June 9, 2007 in Clay County), and the Saturday program for this event, “A Day n the Bee Yard.”  She gave an impassioned address concerning changes in the membership and how this is affecting FSBA programming.  Finally, she will be heading up an initiative to develop a standard of identity for Florida honey.  An ad-hoc committee has met with her and their concept will be delivered to the powers in Tallahassee about this important topic.


Discussion of bylaws:  Laurence Cutts, last year’s bylaws rewrite committee chair said they had been approved last year in Milton.  However, these have not been approved by the membership. The current information about this is as seen on the web site:

Constitution Wording: Article XI

This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at any annual meeting, or any special meeting called for that purpose, provided 30 days prior written notice of amendments have been presented to each member. When an amendment is ratified, a copy of said amendment will be included in the next available newsletter to all members of the Association.

Bylaws Wording: Article X

These by-laws may be amended by two-thirds vote of the members present at any regular or special meeting called for that purpose.

When amendments are made, a reprint will be made to incorporate the changes and printed in the next newsletter. Copies shall be made available to all interested parties upon request.

The Executive Secretary will insert a discussion along with wording in the next newsletter.

Nancy Gentry presented the new logo as it was published on the program’s cover and now on the web site.  Motion by Bert Kelley to adopt it as official; seconded by E.K. Peach.  Passed unanimously.  Thanks to Nancy, Karen Wassmer, and Denise Fieber of DPI for leading this effort.

Motion by  David Hackenberg, seconded by E.K. Peach that the Association support the idea of the new honey identity standard that is currently being generated by a committee including Nancy Gentry, Bert Kelley, David Miksha, Bill Rhodes, Doug McGinnis and others.  Committee will liaison with DPI and Florida Farm Bureau on this effort.  Passed.

Motion by Laurence Cutts, seconded by Bill Merritt that Executive Secretary Sanford be retained at his present compensation package.  Passed.

The Nominating Committee (Bill Merritt, John Gentzel, Jerry Latner) presented the following candidates for office.  Laurence Cutts (President), Gary Ranker (Vice-President) and Bert Kelley (Treasurer).  Nominations from the floor included David Webb for President (David Hackenberg) and Nancy Gentry for Vice President (E.K. Peach).  A majority of those voting installed the following slate of officers:  Laurence Cutts, Gary Ranker and Bert Kelley.

Laurence Cutts accepted the gavel from Elmore Herman and adjourned the meeting at 10:35 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,




Malcolm T. Sanford
Executive Secretary