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Iraqi Beekeeping
Iraqi beekeeping has a 5,000-year history.  In recent years, however, the activity has fallen on hard times.  Not only has  it been visited by the 20th centuries most virulent pest, Varroa destructor, but also has been devastated by many years of conflict.

Recently, through the efforts of the program known as Agricultural Reconstruction and Development in Iraq (ARDI), a  number of projects have been conceived to  help Iraqi beekeeping recover some of its productivity.

In June of  2005,  Dr. Malcolm T. Sanford visited the northern part of the country (semi-autonomous Kurdistan), published a report on the beekeeping conditions in the country, and investigated the projects being implemented by ARDI.

A census of  beekeeping has been undertaken in the Sulaimaniyha area.  Other reports are being solicited and will be made available as they are received.  

In  an effort to begin a dialogue about beekeeping in Iraq as well as  the Middle East in general, see  <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/iraqi_beekeeping/>.


Dr. Malcolm T. Sanford