Malcolm Elam Sanford and Ruth Antoinette Zaun Family
This is one line of 11th generation of Sanfords issuing from Thomas Sanford, b. 1607 in Essex County, England.

Malcolm Elam Sanford's father was Elam Sanford Sanford; his mother was Irma Turner.

M.E. Sanford graduated from Central High School, St. Paul, MN and was an alumnus of St. Thomas College. During WW II, he was Navigator for Pan American Airways. Subsequently, he was in the shrimp fisihing business (two boats the Rio Bravo and the Arrow out of Port Isabel, TX). In the 1960s, he managed Anchor Boat Works in Houston, TX, the worked for a period with his father's envelope company (Justrite Envelope Mfg. Co.). He received his master's degree in Black Studies from College in Atlanta, GA and worked as a teacher for a short period at . During the last years of his life, he worked on an old house in Ft. Gaines, GA. He died of a heart attack while hiking at Stone Mountain, GA.

Malcolm Elam Sanford married Ruth Antoinette Zaun, 1941 in Las Vegas, NV. Ruth is a St. Paul native. She was a trained medical technologist, but did not actively work in the field until the 1970s. She retired from Crawford Long Hospital in Atlanta in the 1980s.

Malcolm Elam Sanford and Ruth Antoinette Zaun had three children:


     |========== Malcolm Thomas Sanford b. 23 Oct 1942
     |========== Virginia Gale Sanford b. 15 Sep 1945
     |========== Joan Dee Sanford b. 3 Mar 1950