Elam Sanford Sanford and Irma Turner Family
This is one line of 10th generation Sanfords issuing from Thomas Sanford, b. 1607 in Essex County, England.

Elam Sanford Sanford's father was Edward Sweezy Sanford; his mother was Mary Katherine Kingsley.

Elam Sanford Sanford began a small envelope folding firm which became Northern States Envelope Co. and finally Justrite Envelope Mfg. Co. Preferring to be called "Sandy," there are many stories about that envelope business in the family in both the family and the envelope manufacturing industry. He died in Chicago.

Irma Turner was a professional secretary before she married Elam Sanford Sanford (date?). She then became a housewife and lived the rest of her life at 1514 LaFond Ave. in St. Paul, Minnesota.

E.S. Sanford and Irma Turner had four children:

     |========== Donald Waldo Sanford b. 21 Sep 11915; d. 22 Dec 1995
     |========== Malcolm Elam Sanford b. 22 Dec 1917; d. 17 Aug 1983
     |========== Irmagene  Sanford b. 22 Aug 1919.
     |========== Medora May Sanford b. 25 May 1922