Florida State Beekeepers Association

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91st Annual Convention to be held in Orlando, Florida, October 27-29


Tupelo Beekeepers Seminar, Chipley, Florida, October 14-15

Welsh Honey Show, Tallahassee, Florida, November 5 

Find all events on the Global Beekeeping Calendar 


Cottage Food Legislation based on HB 7209 - the case to include honey

Other information on this issue:

Small Farms Subcommittee Recommendations for Small Farms 

Final Recommendations Presented to Florida House and Senate 


A  committee continues developing revised constitution and bylaws for the Association :  See here two  documents for comparison:

Old Constitution and Bylaws currently in force:
New  Revised document under consideration.

The basic changes proposed include:  1) developing new membership categories, 2)  updating officer descriptions, and 3) updating voting procedures for officers at the annual convention.  


Honey Bee Viral Mapping Initiative:  I am a bee virus researcher in Montana, I have spoke at the national conventions and I am the one who brought the Army in to play on CCD. I also provide viral load screening to many commercial beekeepers around the country. With that said, I have attached a proposal and project for your membership, if it meets your approval could you forward this to them. Let me know, and thanks for your consideration. If you have any questions please call or email me at 406-369-4214 mrwick@bvs-inc.us

Best regards, 

David Wick, BVS, Inc., 406-369-4214, http://www.bvs-inc.us


Honey Bee Technical Council Minutes 8 December 2010
Honey Bee Technical Council Minutes 19 August 2011


Proposed Association Budget 2010 - 2011


A brand new honey queen was crowned at the 90th convention of the AssociationFor a list of others who held the position, access the "History" button.


Speakers Bureau Announced:

Greetings fellow beekeeper,

I am helping organize a listing of speakers about beekeeping interests
for the Florida State Beekeepers Association (FSBA) and would like to
know more about your interests in sharing beekeeping information with
other Florida beekeepers.

Please complete the following questions & get them back to me...you may
list the answers next to the numbers for the corresponding questions and
email them back to me...or you can print this & complete it at your
leisure & send the information back to me via snail mail at my home

email: snakesfromchris@webtv.net

Chris Stalder
5102 St. Germain Av.
Belle Isle, FL 32812

1) Your name(s) & contact information (email, phone numbers, etc)


2) Beekeeping Topic(s) and length of presentation(s)_____________________________________________


3) Location (address to be toured, if applicable)


4) Willing to travel in Florida to give this presentation (if
applicable) & any distance restrictions (example: will travel within 100
mile radius of Gainesville, FL to give this presentation)


5) List costs (if any) that you will charge for this presentation / tour
/ travel expenses / no charge / no charge if can promote products from
the hive at beekeepers meeting


6) List any needs to make this presentation (example: need electricity &
extension cord to make power point presentation)


7) Preferred method of contact / contact informaiton to schedule your


Note: completing questionnaire does not guarantee inclusion in FSBA

Thank you so very much for your assistance :)

Christopher J. Stalder
Environmental Scientist, Agronomist, Beekeeper & Herpetoculturalist
Phone  407-855-1131

Those signed up so far:


A calendar of events has been  established in cooperation with Bee Culture Magazine, which includes beekeeping activities not only in Florida, but elsewhere.  Many local events will no longer be listed individually on this home page, but may be available under each  local  association by accessing the "local" button.  Always consult this global calendar to find out what is going on in Florida and elsewhere.  Routine monthly meetings are also found on the Local page for the growing number of local  associations.  Send items to for inclusion to the Calendar Master.  

Facts About the Association:

The Florida State Beekeepers Association has a distinguished history.  Its mission is dedicated to keeping Florida apiculture strong and healthy in the new millennium.   The Association is the major lobbying force for the state's beekeeping industry and works with the University of Florida's Institute of Food,  Agricultural Sciences (IFAS), Florida Farm Bureau and the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry's Apiary Inspection program, through which all honey bee colonies in Florida are required to be registered by law.

The Association also provides an exhibit each year at Florida's State Fair in Tampa.   

This website complements the Association's other activities, which are governed through a constitution and bylaws, and include a quarterly newsletter and electronic discussion list, periodic meetings by the governing body, the Board of Managers, and the membership as a whole, which meets in convention once a year to help set policy and approve a budget. 

The lifeblood of the Association has traditionally been its affiliation and ultimate governance by local associations, each appointing a delegate to represent it in deliberations at the state level.  The Associations also recruit members.  There are three kinds of membership: 1) dues-paying yearly (valid November 1 through October 31) for $15 and 2) lifetime through donating to the Conrad Cramer Memorial Apiary, which provides additional financial resources for Association activities, and 3) Extra Milers, contributing the equivalent or more of an additional life membership.   

Members (see brochure) receive the quarterly paper newsletter, The Florida Beekeeper and are subscribed  to the Official newsletter or "ezine" that provides important updates on Florida's beekeeping activities.  Membership privileges include a discount to the two major U.S. beekeeping journals, Bee Culture, American Bee Journal and southeast's apicultural newspaper, The Speedy Bee.  Simply  mention you are a member when subscribing.

We hope you enjoy this website. Please contact any of the officers or representatives with suggestions on how it and the Florida State Beekeepers Association might serve you better.  Malcolm T. Sanford, Executive Secretary.