A dialogue on association membership is continuing.  A background on this important issue from the standpoint of the effort by others informs the conversation.  Let us hear from you.

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Membership in the Florida State Beekeepers Association
is established by it's

This Association shall be composed of county or district affiliated associations of Florida Beekeepers, their members, and in the case where local organizations do not exist, individual beekeepers of the State of Florida, or other individual beekeepers of other states, who desire to join with this Association in a united effort to carry out its purpose. County associations may include adjoining counties.

Affiliated local associations shall make such reports to the Executive Secretary of the State Association as may be required by the Board of Managers. Failure to comply will result in association loss of representation and voting privileges.

Members of local affiliated associations shall become members of the State Association upon payment of State Association annual dues.

The annual dues for membership in this association is fifteen dollars ($15.00) per year

paid to the treasurer. This shall be adjusted by the Board of managers as deemed necessary. This sum will cover membership for both husband and wife.

The membership year shall be November 1 through October 31 of each year.
Changed to = Membership Year is From October 1 to September 30

Any member whose dues are not paid by December 1st, shall be given a written notice by the Exclusive Secretary..

If dues are not paid within thirty (30) days from the mailing of said notice, the name shall be dropped from the membership role.

Any member may become a Life Member of this association by donating one ten-frame colony of bees, consisting of the following: Bottom board, cover, excluder, three deep brood chambers, with thirty (30) good frames, and combs, and bees free of disease. In lieu of the above items Life Membership may be obtained by donating the full value of a hive in cash or new beekeeping equipment. This membership includes both husband and wife. The equipment list may be adjusted to the needs of the apiary.