A Family Archive
This is an experimental family archive project. It takes advantage of information technology advances that allow information to be better organized and more widely distributed. It takes advantage of world wide web technology based on html markup language. The software is readily available in a number of formats on different platforms. Those adding to the archive need no programming skills. Information needs only to be "marked up."

If you are looking at this file, chances are you are using a browser. You only need to select highlighted text to navigate through the archive.

This project has many possibilities and problems. The information must be reliable. Thus, a gatekeeper will be necessary; probably several as the sheer mass of information possible is mind boggling. In addition, some may not want their information presented here, however, much is public record.

A word about file names: Each name must be unique and so some care must be taken in developing these names. Most take the first two letters of first and middle names plus the first three letters of the official last name.

Let's start with myself. I am Malcolm Thomas Sanford, part of an 11th generation generation descended on my father's side from Thomas Sanford b. 1607-8 in Essex County England, probably at Hatfield Broad Oak.

My grandfather was Elam Sanford Sanford, issue of Edward Sweezy Sanford and Mary Katherine Kingsley, a descendant of John Kingsley of Hamshire. My Grandfather's mother was Jerusha Larkin, a descendant of Nathaniel Foote of Essex England.

My mother is Ruth Antoinette Zaun. I know little about her side the family. Any Information we might add to this archive would be welcome. M.T. Sanford, Box 110620, Gainesville FL 32611-0620, ph 352/336-9744..